• Mast furniture page dining chair in walnut
  • Page dining chair by Mast furniture
  • Mast page dining chair in walnut
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  • Page dining chair
  • Mast furniture walnut page chair
  • Mast page dining chair in white oak and rust fabric
  • Page dining chair armrest details
  • Mast Furniture Page chair in Oak
  • Mast furniture page dining chairs in walnut and white oak

Page Chair

The Page chair is the result of an exploration into alternative forms and typologies within chair design. 

The design process was carried out with the unwavering intent that the chair be as comfortable as possible, leading to the inclusion of upholstered elements for the seat and backrest.

The Page chair utilises a much thicker upholstery foam than is commonly used in dining chairs, resulting in a soft, supported seating position.

The defining feature of the chair is its formed plywood legs, to which the solid timber components are anchored via smooth, branching junctions. The curved timber surface of the legs and the junction detailing hint to a high level of craft and technical input.

Marrying the highly detailed timber with a quality upholstery fabric gives the Page chair a soft yet elegant presence.

Please note: Price is indicative only, actual pricing will depend on chair quantity and  material selection. Final pricing will be confirmed in a quote.  

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furniture designer tatu laakso portrait


Tatu Laakso is a Finnish designer based in Helsinki.

His creative process is grounded in a hands-on approach, guided by different ways of making Laakso aims to design objects that provide comfort and harmony.