Good Design, Made right.

This is a simple phrase that embodies several key aspects of who we are, what we do and what we want to achieve. It relates to the quality of our products and their longevity, our environmental impact and the people working here and their well-being. It is an ethos that allows for continual improvement and a guide that lets us know if we are moving in the right direction.

Ostinato Bed detail in American Oak. A luxurious, handmade timber bed.

Good Design-

What is good design? We understand this question will have a different answer for different people. Not everything is for everyone and trying to make it so would be an impossible task. There is no one size fits all. So here's how we define it:

To us, good design is a product or object that isn't defined by current trends. It has an inherent value which transcends a short term lifecycle and becomes a cherished piece with relevance for many years. The value of the design in the owners life has a direct affect of the sustainability of the product.

Good design allows for the individual expression of the designer-- it has a character, emotion and depth. It is an act of creativity, not solely designed to be a commercial commodity. Good design can be a unique take on a familiar form, it can also push into new and unfamiliar areas.

Good design is where form and function are balanced- both equally important, and the design cannot be a success if one follows the other.

Nameplate of Mast Furniture on finished pieces

Made Right-

For us, made right includes materials, craft, people and environment.

We source the highest quality materials available as our starting point for every piece of furniture. Without the best materials, we can't make the best product.

Product quality and longevity are two incredibly important factors we consider when designing and making furniture. We do things the right way from the start, there is no cutting corners. We continually strive to better our products with an improvement in quality being the driving force and deciding factor.

We aim to be a place where people love to come to work each and every day. We love to share ideas and knowledge, lead with passion, and share our enthusiasm for what we do.

We are committed to using sustainably sourced timber and are always refining and exploring options for finishes, glues and other steps involved in the process of creating furniture made right.

With an ongoing environmental commitment, Mast is certified as Climate Neutral by We prioritise measuring, reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions on an annual basis.