Tatu Laakso

furniture designer tatu laakso portrait

Tatu Laakso is a Finnish designer based in Helsinki. Educated at the Lahti Institute of Design and Aalto University of Art and Design, his field of focus centers around furniture, everyday objects, and interior architecture. Driven by an appreciation for the natural environment, he favours natural materials and methods. At balance between unique visual language and efficient function, Laakso seeks to create distinctive and long-lasting design.

His creative process is grounded in a hands-on approach. To understand the form and medium thoroughly he experiments with real materials and various methods. Guided by different ways of making Laakso aims to design objects that provide comfort and harmony. With sensible forms and insightful use of materials, he encourages renewable and deep connections between humans, materials, and objects.

Laakso has worked as a cross-disciplinary designer since 2016. Today, his studio focuses on providing furniture design and development services for suitable brands and manufacturers.