Since day one, we have made it a priority to care about the environmental impact of the materials and products we use in our furniture.  


Our Commitment

We are committed to monitoring and continually improving our sustainability efforts at every step of our manufacturing process. 

The idea of ‘buy for life’ means a commitment—to choosing quality over quantity and to seeing the value of owning real furniture. Buying for life is ethical, it’s less wasteful and in most cases, it’s easily repairable. 


Manufacturing Ethos

Source responsibly.

The materials we use come from nature, were once living, and took a long time to grow. All timber is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and has a traceable chain of custody from forest to finished product.

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Use Non-toxic finishes.

We only work with finishes containing natural ingredients including traditional soap finishes, plant-based oil/wax finishes and natural ebonising solutions.


Waste management.

Our furniture is made to order—allowing us to order small and use only what we need in order to minimise our waste. Larger offcuts are made into smaller items, like our X Marks the Spot Trivet and scraps are donated to the Australian Men’s Shed Association for their varied community projects.   

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