Timber Sample Kits

Timber Sample Kits

Getting our timber sample kits made has been on the to-do list for easily six months. Probably closer to nine if we're being honest. 

Shortly after signing the lease on our new workshop in Brisbane, we found a great deal on a spray booth- a workshop necessity we had desperately needed. This really was a game changer for us as it opened up a whole new world of finishing options. 

After testing plenty of products, we discovered a range of finishes we were really happy with- and knew the next logical step was to get some finished samples made up. Not only has this has been a fun project to plan, it's also been another way to use up our seemingly endless supply of offcuts

The aim was to make these kits a pocket size representation of our brand.  We also knew the kits needed to be both easily portable for client meetings and space efficient for storage in a materials library.