Georgia Cannon

For our second interview, we chat to Brisbane-based Interior Designer Georgia Cannon. 

I first crossed paths with Georgia five years ago in 2013 when she did a blog interview of us.   I think it's safe to say we've both grown in leaps and bounds since those early days. 

When I started planning this blog at the end of last year, Georgia was one of the first people I contacted about the interview section. I am a big fan of Georgia's work, and love how she takes a considered approach to each one of her projects-- her passion for authentic design really shines through. 


Church House. Interior Design :  Georgia Cannon      |      Image:  Cathy Schusler

Church House. Interior Design : Georgia Cannon     |      Image: Cathy Schusler


  1. Why did you decide to pursue a career in Interior Design?

    At school I studied a curriculum that included Art, Ancient History, English, Chemistry, Physics and Maths which didn't really offer me a clear path into either science or arts based undergraduate study. I've always been interested in space and how it affects people and Architecture and Interior Design seemed to offer a unique balance of left and right brained thinking which appealed to me. I started studying Architecture but quickly realised that it was place making in interior spaces that I was passionate about so switched across and have never looked back!
  2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

    I like to think that every project is a reflection of the client rather than me but there are a few threads that have started to tie all of my projects together through the years. I love to highlight natural materials and often rely on textural variance and tactility to convey meaning within a space. Making the most of opportunities to manipulate light and colour to offer an element of delight is also a part of my design approach and I have a preference for engaging local makers and tradespeople to help me achieve these things.
  3. What are small steps that someone can take to improve their living space?

    One of the things that is important in any space is the quality of light. Watch how the light plays across your space at different times of day and make sure that it's set up to take advantage of it. This may mean flipping an open plan living and dining area to allow you to bask in morning light at breakfast or adding some soft drapery to temper afternoon sun where you'd like to sit and relax at the end of the day. Another key piece of advice that I try to live by is to buy well and buy once. I'd rather go without something whilst saving for the right purchase than spend money on a cheap filler that will eventually fall apart by the time I'm in a position to build or buy exactly what I want! 
  4. What designers or creative people are inspiring you at the moment?

    We have so much access to inspiration from all over the world these days that it can be overwhelming so I'll stick to a few Brissy locals who have inspired me recently: Commons ,  Bianca Mavrick , Nico , and, of course, you guys!
  5. Running your own business can be all-consuming. What do you do in your downtime? Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

    I don't have a lot of downtime at the moment but my favourite regular Saturday morning ritual is drinking my coffee out of a beautiful handmade mug that was gifted to me by a friend whilst listening to music and reading The New Yorker  with my husband, James, and our cat, Sam, by my side.

  6. Lastly, where would you like to see yourself and your business in five years time?

    I'd love to continue working with inspiring people on a range of projects that are rewarding both for us as a studio and for the people who inhabit the spaces we create.

R1 Kitchen. Interior design:  Georgia Cannon     |   Image:   Nicolette Johnson

R1 Kitchen. Interior design: Georgia Cannon    |   Image:  Nicolette Johnson

Pitch and fork Cafe. Interior Design:  Georgia Cannon  |  Image:  Cathy Schulser

Pitch and fork Cafe. Interior Design: Georgia Cannon |  Image: Cathy Schulser

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