April Favourites

Our monthly edition of our favourite finds from around the globe. 


Christian's pick:  VK-2 Headphones by Aëdle

These headphones are designed and made by Parisian design house Aëdle in limited quantities each month. I love the design and craftsmanship, but most of all, I love the sound quality.


 Images courtesy of Aëdle website.



Kati's pick:  A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.

I am a mere two chapters into this book and already hooked. Prior to picking this up, I read some reviews which ranged from 'absolute masterpiece' to 'worst book ever written' --which in all honesty, just made me want to read it even more.   






Rory's pick:  G300 by Mercedes-Benz

Old school handmade G-Wagon.  Ready to go anywhere.  None of this flashy, AMG, SUV, never drive off-road rubbish.