About Us


Mast Furniture began with an appreciation for design and a pursuit in making. 



“Growing up, I always wanted to be an Architect” is my go-to answer when asked how I got started as a furniture maker. It was this early love of design, the need for unrestricted creative expression, and a yearning to work with my hands which launched the ‘let’s make furniture’ idea. 


While studying Marketing at University, I discovered my passion for social marketing and began noticing a changing tide in the way people were opening up to small business and makers—a shift towards supporting emerging brands and the real people behind them. Using this as a starting point, we began developing our business in a manageable, organic way which has helped us to prioritise what's important to ourselves and our customers. 

Kati and Rory

Kati and Rory


The Beginning

Believing we had something new to offer, Rory began designing and making furniture. As the ideas and designs progressed, our business grew.  It became easier to define who we were and where we were headed.

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The Range

Our furniture range is small, considered and continues to grow. We focus our efforts on timeless design and take pride in our craftsmanship. 

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Get in Touch

Feel free to get in contact to discuss any of our furniture,
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